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Our company has been manufacturing high quality EN Plus A1 pellets since 2014 at its plant in Nagyréde. Our pellets are made of quality pine wood for our partners. Since 2018 our product range has been expanded with PHOENIX pellet-fired boilers, fireplaces and barbecues, made to order.


Modern people are reluctant to compromise on quality of life and comfort. People can utilize a significant amount of energy to meet their demands, even under environmental load. We humans have a special ability to consciously shape our living space.

We are facing a very serious challenge nowdays in terms of saving our Earth. We must put an end to unreasonable energy consumption and excessive pollution. The most important goal must be to keep in mind the idea of ​​taking care of our environmental values ​​and reducing the environmental load.



First of all, we need to use innovative technology solutions that can help reduce our energy use and manage our resources more rationally. We need to have a greater sense of responsibility in order to significantly reduce emissions. By using renewable energies (sun, wind, biomass) we contribute to the above goals. By using modern renewable energy products in our homes, we contribute to the efficient use of energy and reduce harmful emissions while providing the comfort we expect.

Using our available technology, we are ready to produce quality wood pellets that meet today's most stringent European EN standards and environmental regulations. (EN ISO 17225-2) We make energy use more rational and economical for users and consumers. By producing fuels with high calorific value and low ash content, we meet the comfort needs of today's homes.

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