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PHOENIX DUO pellet boiler

During the development of the DUO boiler is primarily based on innovative technological solutions that help reduce energy consumption and rationalize the use of available fuels.

By incorporating a modern product that uses renewable energy, we contribute to reducing the emissions of pollutants and efficient use of energy, while providing the comfort you expect in your homes.

Why choose the comfort and safety of the PHOENIX DUO pellet boiler?

Owing to the special design of the firebox, it provides high efficiency and maximum safety.

Because, during the manufacture of the boiler, we follow stricter requirements for the choice of materials than the requirements of the prescribed norms and standards.

Because the quality fuel (wood pellet) is guaranteed by the certified pellet boiler manufacturer.

PHOENIX® pellets with EN plus A1 certification.

They can be installed in classic boiler rooms

Aside from meeting the standards, the PHOENIX® DUO pellet boiler is suitable for installation in the heating system of any building, apartment or hall.

The boilers can be installed and connected to existing heating systems where they require automatic operation and control.

The security and comfort of operation and control is enhanced by the applicability of the Wi-Fi module.

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