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Several pellets of uncertain origin is sold in Hungary, mainly from countries outside the European Union, advertised as DIN Plus or EN plus A1. These products are often unqualified and do not have a quality certificate on their packaging!

There are strict international rules for the certification of pellets. Authorized auditors control the entire pellet manufacturing process, including raw material procurement, technology, quality control and packaging. The audit shall be carried out annually and only the manufacturer or dealer who has passed the audit and who complies with the international standards may affix the logo to the packaging.

The Phoenix pellets produced by R.E. Heating Energy Kft. originate from sustainable forestry and made of 100% barked imported and domestic pine sawdust and have EN plus A1 qualification, numbered HU004, which can be checked in the pellet register. (

Please watch our informative video:

We recommend that you use certified PHOENIX pellets to our equipments to avoid malfunctions due to fuel quality problems.

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