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The model available in

white, beige and red colors.

Why choose the safety of the PHOENIX air-water pellet fireplace?

Because of the air-tight seal of the firebox, it provides maximum safety against the release of hazardous flue gases into the environment.

Because the intake of combustion air from an external suction tube keeps the home air clean (even during ignition or sudden shutdown).

Because an installation is quick, easy and flexible.

Because it does not require the creation of an air intake in the room, thus avoiding the additional costs of cold air inflow.

Because the PHOENIX® air-water pellet fireplace family has all the hydraulic and safety components  that is needed to operate a modern home heating system (heating circuit pump, expansion tank, safety valve, water pressure switch).

Because the quality fuel (wood pellet) is guaranteed by the pellet fireplace users by a certified manufacturer. PHOENIX® pellet has EN plus A1 certificate. EN 14961-2 ISO 17225-2

You can install in classic rooms



It can be installed in any type of room (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.), provided that the standards are met. The combustion air enters and exits the premises only with pre-installed smoke pipes.

Remote controller

The handy remote control provides convenient user access to basic functions. Increasing and decreasing the required temperature is possible by selecting the 5 available power levels.

Effective electronic modulation.

Automatic combustion control controls the airflow for greater comfort for the pellet fireplace user.

Automatically adjusts the thermal power of the fireplace, adapting it to the real needs of the environment and the user thanks to the room sensor behind the unit.

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